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Think and Do Differently: A Holiday Update

Hi – I have decided to take and re-share the advice I have often given. That is, “If you do all the same things, don’t expect something different to happen”. It’s time to mix things up! That is why you are getting my first ever, end of year letter ever to close out 2018 and kick start 2019.

For those who have been in touch and those who have not, you (now) know I have recently invested time to read, research, and think to refresh and expand my thinking and capabilities. I did this, given the urgent challenges posed by the very competitive, complex, uncertain, and volatile world we operate in, to develop better ways to guide and help companies and their leaders to achieve sustainable success.

Why? It is simple. We are being barraged with challenges like facing new competitors, disruptive technologies, and smarter, more demanding customers. It is essential to aware of, rapidly respond and adapt to the challenges and opportunities faced. We must choose how to compete, operate, and organize to succeed. Procrastinating can have lasting and catastrophic consequences. To learn about my current and expanded thinking, read my articles and posts at

With a renewed and multi-perspective view on helping companies accelerate the path from strategy to value, I am excited about 2019 and energized for the potential it offers. The keys to acceleration are being (more) customer-centric and organizationally agile. Strategy and strategy execution remain foundational, yet they often need to be thought about, developed and done differently. Many assumptions are no longer true, and many practices are no longer sufficient. Yet, most underlying strategic principles remain the same.

I look forward to enabling clients to see and understand more, by using and adding different lenses. Starting with their customers’ lens first, they then should enrich their vision with views through their employees’, owners’, partners’, and suppliers’ lenses. With this more customer-centric and robust perspective, we can collaborate to guide and enable their organizations to establish and sustain the critical capabilities, culture, processes, structure, systems, and tools to survive, and better yet thrive.

Keys to doing this includes guiding, enabling, and equipping organizations to better:

  • See and understand environmental and organizational complexity, digital transformation, and (business) ecosystems and how these impact their business.

  • Hear and understand their customers’ needs and behaviors, including the outcomes they are seeking through the products and services they buy.

  • Adapt to disruptions by evaluating and sometimes (radically) changing how they communicate, are designed, make decisions, and measure and manage performance.

My view remains holistic, interdisciplinary, and system-oriented, though more organic and robust. I am fired up to guide and collaborate with clients to better understand and define their challenges/ opportunities and to co-develop the right, robust, and sustainable solutions for them to win.

Over the past year, many of you have met with me, provided feedback and shared insights, for that, I am very grateful. I want to (re)invite you to call or email to catch up, exchange ideas, see how I can help you, and identify and share opportunities to create value we have been longing for.

It’s time to think differently and do differently to make 2019 the best year ever – a year of family, happiness, health, learning, prosperity, and success. Happy Holidays!

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