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Consultant meeting with clients.


To JWC, consulting is a partnership. I work together with client leaders to guide and enable improved performance and increase their probability of future success, even in an uncertain world.

At the highest level, I help clients to:

  • Identify, understand, and frame their challenges/opportunities

  • Design and help deploy solutions to sustainably improve performance

  • Build capabilities to become and stay prepared, ready, and able to compete,

Detail on Uncover phase of Uncover, Unloack, Unleash graphic

Every engagement/relationship starts with UNCOVER.


During this phase or project, the client and I explore:

  • The current organization state and operating environment

  • Where the organization aspires to go and its readiness to change

  • Possible future trends and operating environments 

  • The challenges and/or opportunities faced or likely to be faced

  • The organization's readiness to change

The objectives of this phase are to:

  • Develop a shared understanding of where the company is, where it wants to go, the obstacles and gaps it needs to address to be successful

  • Identify quick-hit improvements and key strategic shifts to be made

  • Build a clear and urgent case for change that mobilizes the organization to act

  • Design an actionable high-level roadmap to guide the UNLOCK phase 

During UNCOVER, clients benefit from valuable and value-creating insights on:


  • Where they are and the current environment

  • Where they want to go and possible future environments they may be operating in

  • Gaps they need to close, obstacles they need to overcome, and risks they need to address

  • Their readiness to change 

The best and easiest way to start UNCOVER is with an assessmentIt is a low-risk, high-value approach to determine the state of the organization and the road forward. Assessments are customized to meet client needs and situations.


Do you want to try JWC out and/or start fast?

If so, schedule a QuickCheck, a high-value, 1-week, targeted assessment that includes a 1/2 day leadership team briefing and workshop.

The next phase in the process is UNLOCK.

During this phase, informed by the UNCOVER phase, I guide and enable the client to UNLOCK the potential of the organization and develop and deploy pragmatic solutions  to improve performance and increase their probability of future success by:

  • Expanding contextual awareness and understanding to see things sooner and act faster.

  • Improving how work is done at the intersections of strategy, organization, and operations 

  • Strengthening leadership capabilities and governance processes to drive and sustain success 

The objective of this phase is to improve current performance and enable clients to become prepared, ready, and able to win in the future. To do this, I guide facilitate timely and informed decision-making by leadership and change efforts

During UNLOCK, clients benefit from:

  • Learning what needs to be done to improve performance and prepare for the future and learning how to do it

  • Identifying what capabilities, flexible structures, tools, and approaches they need to be successful and how to build and sustain these. 


The UNLOCK phase is rarely linear. Steps are often taken in parallel and require cycling back to adapt prior steps as information is uncovered. Projects are customized to meet client needs, based on the scope of work and organizational complexity, capabilities, and capacity.

Detail on Unlock phase from Uncover, Unlock, Unleash approach

The next phase in the process is UNLEASH.

This is where the rubber meets the road and the race begins. During this phase, the organization is unleashed to act, achieve results faster, learn and adapt, and deliver sustainable value.

In this phase, JWC offers guidance and support to the client in:

  • Implementing the solutions developed

  • Managing and communicating change

  • Leading and managing in the "new way"

  • Staying prepared and resilient for the future

The objective of Unleash is to position the organization for long-term success and to make our clients heroes. During this phase, the client takes on more responsibility for "driving" from JWC as the client gets more ready and confident to take the "steering wheel" and drive the organization forward. 


In that vein, work tends to be "lower touch", behind the scene and targeted on specific elements. JWC often follows a "lead, coach, and observe" approach to prepare our clients to carry things forward once JWC leaves.

During Unleash, clients benefit from:

  • Being able to see disruptions earlier and act sooner and more effectively

  • Having the capabilities to sustain improvements and preparedness to compete in the future.

  • Having the confidence in the organization's ability to navigate in disruption and uncertainty

After working together on a customized engagement, your organization will improve performance, accelerate time to results, and be better prepared for the future. You will have a competitive advantage and increased probability of future success.

Detail on unleash phase from uncover, unlock, unleash approach

“Jay can see the forest through the trees and help you lay the path to get through the forest to your goal. More than anything, what impressed me the most is his ability to take a complicated set of data and make a clear and concise path that any team member can understand from entry-level to executive. I particularly appreciated how he can walk an apprehensive executive team member through the strategy, vision and alignment process even if they need help understanding it. His talent not only lies in his strategy but in making everyone comfortable in the planning process. Jay does a great job breaking down the walls that often derail any planning and strategy process and his efforts lead to execution.”

Meg S GM and EVP at Automotive Services Company

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