To ensure we understand the challenges facing our clients and find the right, best solution for them, we focus our efforts where strategy, organization, and operations intersect. This is where the biggest challenges and opportunities lie and where solutions that address these become the engine for lasting performance improvement and value creation.


   All engagements take clients through a common collaborative process

   that helps them:

  • Understand where they are.

  • Determine and agree on where they want to go.

  • Identify the shifts that need to be made and the steps needed to achieve them.

  • Developing and execute plans to get to their desired future state.

  All engagements feature these four common elements:

  1. Organizational involvement throughout the project, we work as partners.

  2. Education and communication at critical engagement junctures.

  3. Information gathering and sharing (e.g., interviews, focus groups, surveys, etc.)

  4. Facilitated executive workshops and working sessions.

  Clients benefit from our work together as their organizations

  and leaders:

  • Uncover and better understand their situations.

  • Unlock the potential of their organization.

  • Unleash it to deliver improved results and increased value to all stakeholders.

Engagements are customized to meet client needs and build organizational capabilities. Projects are scoped and delivered within the context of an organization's situation and environment. Recommendations are pragmatic, actionable, and built to last.

  Client work tends to fall in one or more of these areas:

  • Quick to full assessments to build an understanding of where the organization wants to go in its current situation and then determine the next steps.

  • Targeted engagements, shorter-term and focused on improving strategic areas such as decision making, initiative portfolio management, organizational effectiveness, etc.

  • Comprehensive engagements focused on holistically addressing an organization's biggest challenges and opportunities at an enterprise, business, and/or functional level.

Most often, clients start with an initial assessment. This ensures we, the client and I, have a full clear, and common understanding of the situation, frame up and prioritize the right things to address, and assess leadership alignment and readiness to act. Following this, the next steps are recommended and agreed to.

“Jay can see the forest through the trees and help you lay the path to get through the forest to your goal. More than anything, what impressed me the most is his ability to take a complicated set of data and make a clear and concise path that any team member can understand from entry-level to executive. I particularly appreciated how he can walk an apprehensive executive team member through the strategy, vision and alignment process even if they need help understanding it. His talent not only lies in his strategy but in making everyone comfortable in the planning process. Jay does a great job breaking down the walls that often derail any planning and strategy process and his efforts lead to execution.”

Meg S GM and EVP at Automotive Services Company

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