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JWC uses a 3-step approach that is systematic and outcome-oriented. 

Uncover. Unlock. Unleash.℠ 

  • Uncover the desired future state, a holistic view of the present, the shifts needed to get to the future, the readiness to change, and possible opportunities and risks.

  • Unlock the full potential of the organization to improve and increase the probability of future success.

  • Unleash the organization to act, achieve results faster, learn and adapt and deliver sustainable value.


The steps build on each other and deliver increasing value. For ongoing benefit from this approach, the approach must be repeated, at some level, periodically.

I incorporate three core beliefs into this approach:


1. Context Matters.

Nothing happens in isolation. Disruptions and uncertainty are and will be the norm. They arise, often unexpectedly and unseen. They need to be seen sooner, looked at holistically, and factored into  both operational and strategic decision making, and into preparing for the future

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2. Success is determined by how well work is done and interactions take place in the intersections. Consider:

  1. Strategy & Organization: organizational alignment, capability development, etc.

  2. Strategy & Operations: operationalizing strategy, portfolio management, measurement, and management, etc.

  3. Operations & Organization: day-to-day operational management, performance management, etc.

  4. Strategy, Organization, & Operations: culture, decision-making, governance, leadership, etc.

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3. Five Leadership Superpowers are needed to drive and sustain change, as core leadership skills are not enough. They are:

  1. Present Futurist™ - Foresees the environment, envisions, and works towards the future, while living in and acknowledging the present.

  2. Experienced Learner™ - Learns and getting better at it is a key to success, knows expertise and past experience are no longer enough.

  3. Prepared Risk Taker™ - Prepares for risk-taking, makes faster decisions, plays to win, provides an advantage over those who do not.

  4. Strategic Executor™ - Executes today while mindful of long-term strategy. Develops strategy with execution in mind. Straddles both worlds.

  5. Accountable Collaborator™ - Works with others across organizational boundaries, drives accountability to each other and for results.

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