Education is not about memorizing facts or process steps or learning in a vacuum. It is about building knowledge, establishing the right mindset, and building the capabilities to not only survive but thrive in the face of disruption and higher levels of competition.


  Sessions offered include:


  • Disruptions Are The New Norm

  • Seeing and Thinking Differently

  • Challenging Mindsets, Models, Beliefs, and Assumptions

  • Thriving in the Face of Disruption

  • Shift to Succeed

Sessions can be customized to meet client objectives and can be delivered via keynote addresses, in classroom/workshop settings, or via webinars.

   Participant benefits include:


  • Have a greater understanding of why and how disruptions occur ad their impact

  • Being able to see disruptions earlier, think about them differently, and act and adapt sooner.

  • Learning new approaches to leadership, communications, and collaboration.

  • Improving problem-solving capabilities

"Jay's presentation, 'Shift to Succeed: Becoming and Staying a Relevant and Valuable Leader in the 2020s' provided valuable insights into how constant change has become the norm and how executives must be prepared for disruption. Leaders need to challenge mindsets, beliefs, and assumptions to understand the paths available once disruption occurs. Jay's presentation style is informative, collaborative, and thought-provoking."

-David E., Customer Success Executive

“…He is a teacher at heart, making sure he shepherds his clients along a path as opposed to just telling them an answer. This leaves them with a clear understanding of how best to succeed. I have learned a lot from Jay.”
-Gary L. Consulting Executive

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