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Why choose Jay Weiser Consulting?

Choosing the right consultant for your organization is very important. You do not want to just pick anyone. 

You want to choose a partner that:

  • Puts your organization's interests first

  • Takes the time to understand the organization and its challenges/opportunities

  • Works collaboratively with leadership to frame and solve its problems

  • Enables the organization to solve today's AND prepare for tomorrow's challenges

  • Is enjoyable to work with and sits alongside, not across from, you

That is a tall order, but you deserve nothing less. That is how I work.

I am right for you if you need and want a:


Who challenges the status quo, increases awareness, creates urgency, drives decision-making, and mobilizes the organization.

question (1).png


Who asks tough questions, stretches the team's thinking, helps them see and think differently, and brings in new perspectives.



Who helps synthesize information from inside and outside the company, converts it into actionable insights to inform and drive decision-making.


Guide and Navigator

Who with leadership determines where to go, charts the course, prepares for the journey, and foresees and manages risks on the way.


Force Multiplier

Who amplifies and extends leaders' efforts and impact, ensures focus on the most important, and accelerates the time to results.

Faced with disruptions and uncertainty, leaders must make a choice.


Do they want to be CAPTIVES, victims of circumstances and at the mercy of others, OR CAPTAINS, leaders prepared to take charge, enable the organization, and confidently and successfully steer it to its destination

Ready to be a captain? If so, let's talk now.

Schedule your free discovery call today!

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