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Resolutions Are Out, Commitments Are In!

Make these 10 Commitments to dramatically increase your odds for organizational and personal success in the face of frequent disruptions and growing volatility, uncertainty, and complexity. Embolden, encourage, and empower others to hold you, your leaders, and your organization responsible and accountable for fulfilling each of these, even when it is hard to so. Failure is not an option.

  • Beginning today and throughout 2019, commit to:

  • Open your mind.

  • Look forward.

  • Look out before you look in.

  • LookoutSee from new/different points of view, including customers, employees, and partners.

  • Zoom-out to see the big picture before you zoom in to see the details.

  • Listen to/hear from new/different people to gain new insights, ideas, and perspectives.

  • Challenge/test beliefs and assumptions about your business, market, and industry.

  • Let go of what hinders you, keep what advances you, create what you need to thrive.

  • Take the time to fully define your problems to see new solution possibilities

  • Act and adapt, not just think, analyze, and debate.

Do different. Do better. Thrive. Will you succeed in the future or struggle to survive? It is up to you. Commit now!

I can help you and your organization kickoff this effort and keep your commitments through energizing presentations, engaging workshops, effective communications, and enabling coaching and consulting. I look forward to partnering with you to greatly increase your odds of success.

Copyright, Jay Weiser and Weiser Strategy Group, 2019.

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