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Do you know your organization’s “Real Age” and how to improve it?

Likely, you have been prompted by your healthcare or health insurance provider to take the RealAge® assessment. They do this to encourage you to take steps to maximize your health and wellness and lower your RealAge®. This assessment factors in physical, biological, emotional, social, and financial health as well as perceptions of life/work well-being to calculate your Real Age. Having a lower RealAge® relative to your chronological age is better.

More importantly, the assessment report identifies the positive and negative factors affecting you and recommends strategies and actions to lower your RealAge®. It provides a road map to enhanced health and wellness. Whether you follow through on this is based on how urgent/important it is and your readiness/ability to act.

Given this, doesn’t it make sense to determine your company’s “Real Age” (organizational health and wellness)? We believe it’s critical to do. Your company’s success will be substantially dependent on first understanding its health and fitness (including relative to your industry and competition). Next, recognizing the factors that help or hurt it. Finally, being ready and able to and make recommended improvements. By doing this, the company will be better prepared to not only weather but also thrive during current and future disruptions, to proactively disrupt others and speedily take advantage of emerging opportunities.

Be on the lookout for upcoming information that will introduce some of the underlying factors that impact your organization’s health and fitness and offer some recommendations for improvement. In the meantime, please contact us to learn how to determine the age of your organization.

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