Improving how organizations are led, operate, and create customer value.

Improving performance and increasing the odds of success.

Business is constantly changing and being disrupted.

It is the new steady state.


Existing models and approaches once thought stable, no longer suffice. What was believed to be true, often is not. Companies and their leaders are facing unprecedented challenges. Performance pressures are increasing.

Whether you are:

  • Struggling and want to get back on track

  • Doing well and want to take performance to the next level

  • Growing fast and want to scale up while avoiding common pitfalls

  • Unclear about what’s happening and unsure what to do about it.

Maintaining the status quo is risky. You know you cannot afford to wait to act. The bottom line, you need to do better and become and stay prepared and ready for the future.

"I help leaders and their organizations do just that, accelerating the path to improve results and making the journey less daunting."

-Jay Weiser

How do you know when it is time to ask for assistance?

You realize doing the same thing the same way or even better, will not get the organization to where you want to go.

You and your organization may be feeling:

UNINFORMED - missing signals, and being caught off guard.

UNSURE - overwhelmed with what you see and not sure what to do next.

CONFLICTED - with leaders and departments pulling in different directions.

PARALYZED - unable to start changing and execute plans and projects.

UNPREPARED - the organization, its leaders and employees, are not ready to act.

You want actionable recommendations and improved results. You want to become and stay prepared, ready, and able to best compete in the future.

If this sounds familiar, you need someone who can help you address these challenges and help move the organization forward.

"I am that someone, a qualified and trusted consultant, who can help you get unstuck, enable you to address your challenges and opportunities, and build the capabilities and capacity to more successfully face the future."

-Jay Weiser

How should you choose a consultant/partner to help you?

Once you decide to work with a consultant, choosing the right one is very important and can make a difference in your organization’s future.

   You don’t just want to choose any consultant.

   You want to choose a partner that:


  • Puts your interests first.

  • Takes the time to understand your organization and the challenges/opportunities faced.

  • Works collaboratively with you and your organization to frame and solve your problems.

  • Enables the organization to become prepared, ready, and able to successfully compete.

  • You and your team trust and enjoy working alongside.

That is a tall order, but you deserve nothing less. That is how I work with you!

Why choose Jay Weiser Consulting?

I am right for you if you want a:


Who challenges the status quo, facilitates discussions, drives decision-making, and mobilizes the organization to act and change.


Who asks tough questions, stretches the team's thinking, and brings an outside perspective.


Who helps you process information into actionable insights to inform decision-making.


Who works with you to determine the way forward; to plan, prepare for, and navigate the journey, to adapt when necessary, and to stay focused on organizational objectives.


Who shares your goals and enables you to be more successful.

Most importantly, we help you drive, enable and improve such things as:

  • Accountability

  • Alignment

  • Clarity of Direction

  • Decision Making

  • Leadership

  • Organizational Effectiveness

  • Communication and Collaboration

  • Strategy and Operational Execution

While you cannot plan for the future, you can prepare and become ready to act and adapt to best compete no matter what it brings.

I can help you do that.

Instead of being at the mercy of circumstances or the actions of others, you can become more situationally aware, decide where you are going and who you will be, and identify, prioritize, and take the right actions to get there.

I help make that possible through education, consulting, and implementation support.

“Jay was our lead advisor for our corporate and business line strategy refresh, rollout, and implementation. He achieved a mindset change with our leaders in the way strategy was understood, communicated to, and prioritized with stakeholders. Working alongside Jay in both executive interview and workshop situations, I was consistently and pleasantly surprised as he frequently challenged our executives with "killer" questions. These opened the rich lines of discussions we were seeking as part of our strategy refresh and rollout. You will always take away new knowledge and a different way of thinking about things after interacting with Jay Weiser.”

Ross L., Executive, Global Pharmaceutical Services Provider

“Jay was instrumental in implementing a new strategic planning framework at our company by modifying the Kaplan-Norton model to fit the needs of a fast-growing Internet company. At the strategy formulation stage, Jay interviewed all senior stakeholders, challenging their assumptions, stretching them and ultimately helping drive the group to decisions and consensus around where they wanted to go and how to get there. I particularly appreciated his constant awareness of the need to link Strategy to operating priorities and his skill at facilitating executive and director meetings in a way that developed a shared understanding of the strategy.”

Scott W., VP-Strategy, Automotive Internet Services Provider

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