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Improving how organizations are led, operate, and create customer value.

Business Meeting

Guiding and Enabling Organizations to Thrive in the Face of Disruption and Uncertainty 

When I meet with executives and their teams these are the challenges I hear and the questions I help them resolve:

  • Customers see us as unresponsive. Employees feel constrained. COVID made this worse. Trying harder is not helping. How should we adapt our strategy and change how we work to meet customer needs and win in the future?

  • Disruptions have hurt performance. We are struggling to come back. How do we recover, improve performance, and prepare for and thrive in the future?

  • We fear disruptions and uncertainty, we play to avoid losing. We must play to win or risk losing ground to competitors. How do we use risk management to create value and win?

  • We were caught off-guard and unprepared. It was not the first time. We are faced with uncertainty and disruption, How can we see things sooner and act faster?

  • We are doing OK, even well. We have been lucky. How do we sustainably improve performance and grow, even scale, in a disruptive and uncertain environment?

Disruption and uncertainty make it hard to plan for the future, however, Jay Weiser Consulting (JWC) helps clients prepare for it. As a result, they:


“Jay was our lead advisor for our corporate and business line strategy refresh, rollout, and implementation. He achieved a mindset change with our leaders in the way strategy was understood, communicated to, and prioritized with stakeholders. Working alongside Jay in both executive interview and workshop situations, I was consistently and pleasantly surprised as he frequently challenged our executives with "killer" questions. These opened the rich lines of discussions we were seeking as part of our strategy refresh and rollout. You will always take away new knowledge and a different way of thinking about things after interacting with Jay Weiser.”

Ross L., Executive, Global Pharmaceutical Services Provider



I use a simple, 3-step approach. It is systematic and outcome-oriented. 

Uncover. Unlock. Unleash.℠ 


Based on 3 main beliefs:

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1.  Context matters, what happens external to the business impacts the business.

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2.  Value can be created or destroyed at the 4 intersections of strategy, organization, operations.

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3.  The Five Leadership Superpowers are needed to drive and sustain change.



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About Jay

I have helped middle-market to Fortune 500 organizations thrive in the face of uncertainty and do what they did not think possible.

My clients have:

  • Realized sustainable performance improvements

  • Done it faster than they otherwise could on their own

  • Increased their probability of success.

If the challenges above are familiar, it is imperative to act now. Opting to wait carries significant risks. It is unlikely your competition is standing still.

Chances are your organization is stressed and overwhelmed. You may be wondering how and if and how you can find the time to address these issues.

You need someone who:

  • Partners with your leadership team.

  • Serves as a force multiplier.

  • Helps you thrive in the face of disruptions and uncertainty.

  • Has done this before. 

I am that someone.

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