Implementation Support

Talking about change is easy. Preparing for, planning and implementing it is hard. This is where organizations stumble.

Have you:

  • Been Challenged to mobilize the organization?

  • Needed help communicating where the organization needs to go and why?

  • Been hobbled by inertia and resistance to change?

  • Veered off track on past projects never getting the expected benefits?

  • Needed an experienced guide to navigate until others were ready to take over?


Implementation Support picks up where Consulting leaves off. It focuses on guiding, enabling, and helping clients do and sustain the work of implementation. Most importantly, it helps clients avoid implementation pitfalls and build the capabilities to sustain improvements.


Engagements are scoped and customized to meet defined client objectives and needs. This can range from targeted, short-term interventions to longer-term, broader guidance and support for multiple areas/activities. We support our clients to the extent they want and need us. Our goal is not to stay any longer than when they are ready to do it on their own.

Implementation Support assists the organization and their leaders by:

  • Providing guidance and help to manage, execute, and track the progress of the plan.

  • Coaching and directly assisting the organization in key activities.

  • Helping to build the key capabilities to maintain efforts going forward.

We support our client's implementation efforts, they can expect benefits like:

  • Increased odds for future success

  • Shorter time to improved results

  • Becoming and staying prepared, ready, and able to compete.

“…He worked extensively with our business unit leaders and senior executives (including our CEO and President) as their respective core teams. Jay effectively supported a very large implementation of our Strategy Management System which impacted over 20 business areas and was instrumental in guiding us to a successful implementation…”

-Jim C Strategy Executive Top 10 Supermarket Chain

"He delivers the "goods" in a relaxed but engaging manner. Jay is highly intelligent and perfectionist and keeps everyone driving to the ultimate objective. I highly recommend his project management skills to any company undertaking a significant and complex initiative."

-Steve K., Senior Executive, Regional Supermarket Chain

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